About Aeous

Aeous Technologies (Aeous Tech) is a computer technology company that develops, sells and services computer related products and services. Located in North Lakes, Queensland, the business is committed to delivering high performance machines to the consumer market. The personal computer market is diverse with a wide range of hardware to meet various needs demanded by consumers. In a crowded and busy market, Aeous Tech is focused on high performance machines specifically designed for PC gamer and creative professionals.   

Aeous Tech is not only passionate about performance, but the environment too. A large number of machines are often disposed in unethical ways. In an effort to combat this, Aeous Tech refurbish machines which provides our customers with a lower price point to entry level performance machines. The business is also looking to partner with organisations is Africa that will be able to accept and facilitate a space where the machines can be utilized to further education for youngster in deprived areas; providing them with opportunities that they might not have access to.